On Friday, September 2, WHRO Education attended the grand opening of Norfolk Public Schools' Southside STEM Academy at Campostella. Students and parents who visited WHRO's booth were thrilled with the giveaways and information they received.

While students enjoyed books, stickers, bookmarks and coloring sheets, parents learned about PBS Kids television programming, online resources and WHRO apps that have become popular with children of all ages. In addition, everyone enjoyed a visit with Curious George who was on hand to greet visitors.

Curious George was a big hit at the grand opening.

“Our booth is always a hit wherever we go,” said Martha Razor, one of WHRO's Early Childhood Specialists. “Whenever we are at an event everyone knows we are there. You can’t miss our STEM Van, and who can resist hugs from Curious George?”

Shown from left: Mr. Erskin Morgan, Assistant Principal; Martha Razor, WHRO Early Childhood Coordinator; Dr. Rhonda Ambrose, Principal; and Mr. Alley Dariah, Assistant Principal. 



WHRO's new STEM Van makes appearances at schools and events throughout the community to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) education. It's a natural fit, Razor said, since WHRO Education is the organization that provides much of the technology training available for teachers in Hampton Roads. 

“One thing that has been exciting for us is to see is how STEM education has really taken off in elementary schools. It was previously being used mostly with the secondary grades,” Razor explained. “We have the online games and apps through PBSKids.org and our lab website, so we are ready to help kids learn.”

Schools and organizations that want WHRO STEM Van visits can coordinate with WHRO on an individual basis. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

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