WHRO provides many resources for teachers throughout the Hampton Roads area and across Virginia. Some of these include:

  • STEM, Literacy, and Environmental Vans, which offer both in person and virtual programming to teach students the joys of reading, science, technology, engineering, and environmental science;
  • Professional development opportunities, in the form of webinars and in-person training; and
  • eMediaVA an online instructional content library that includes videos, interactives and lesson plans.

WHRO has recently added another excellent resource for teachers – eMediaVA teacher ambassadors.

There are currently 12 eMediaVA teacher ambassadors from across Virginia, representing elementary and secondary schools. These teacher ambassadors facilitate discussions with other teachers and parents on social media, write blogs and articles, and present alongside staff at trainings and conferences. Teachers and parents can find and request access to the Free Virtual Learning VA group on Facebook, which is an online community established to share resources and ideas for teaching with digital media. Members of the group share free educational resources, tips, and advice for learning both in the classroom and at home. Teacher ambassadors frequently post in the group and love to engage with group members regarding resources they’re using and ideas for teaching with technology.

Teacher ambassadors also facilitate engagement throughout the school year and grow awareness of eMediaVA among Virginia’s education audience. Whether you are a teacher are looking for activities for your classroom or a parent looking for supplemental material at home, eMediaVA has you covered. So join us online at https://emediava.org, or find our group on Facebook.

 Check out all of our education resources at whro.org/education.