The falling leaves and cooler temperatures of the autumn season are a great time to help learners re-explore the outdoors using all their senses. Our collection of educational resources contains easy and fun videos, interactives, and art activities to complete with your children.

Here are a few highlights.

Fall Activities

Nature Cat | Paint with Nature
Get outside and have fun with Nature Cat by using natural objects (leaves, flowers, or anything else!) as brushes or stamps to paint creative art projects.

Craft: Fall Leaf Suncatcher
Capture the beauty of fall by adding some handmade decor to your house.

Kitchen Science With Fall Leaves
What will happen if you put leaves from your yard in different liquids?

Snack Hacks | Apple Donuts
Spend some quality time together while building science, reading, and math skills. Let the fun begin by making Apple Donuts!

Game: Apple Picking - Curious George
Numbered apples are floating in the water on their way to the cider press. Help Curious George and Jumpy grab the right ones to fill the gaps in the apple number line.

Barfing Pumpkin
This demonstration shows chemical change with hydrogen peroxide decomposing into water and oxygen.

Find more fun activities in the full playlist.

emediava thanksgiving 1200

For many families fall also means celebrating Thanksgiving with friends or family. We haev educational resources for that also!

Thanksgiving Activities

The First Official Thanksgiving
The First Official Thanksgiving offers evidence that the story of the Pilgrims having the First Thanksgiving is more myth than historical fact.

The Surprising Origin of Thanksgiving Foods 
Ever wonder where your favorite Thanksgiving foods come from? Well the truth may be closer to home than you think.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Word Search
Learn the vocabulary of Thanksgiving with this fun word search from All About the Holidays.

Guardians of Jamestown: 1619 series - The First English Thanksgiving in Jamestown
Learn about the first official English Thanksgiving in North America in this animated series from WHRO Public Media.

Make a Gratitude Turkey
Abby Brown and her friend work on making a gratitude turkey to show all the things they are thankful for. Follow these steps to make your own gratitude turkey.

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