Native American Heritage Month honors the indigenous people living in the United States before the arrival of the Europeans. In November, the United States honors and celebrates the customs and legacy of Native Americans.

Our education team has curated a list of resources from eMediaVA to help you and your family explore Native American art, history, and culture as told through historians, artists, students and scientists.

Highlighted Resources:

emedia native american holiday

Video: All About the Holidays

Explore the history of Native American Heritage Month.

emediava native american dreamcatcher

Make a Dreamcatcher

Susan Mullins (Kwaronhia:wi), a Mohawk from the Kahnawake reserve in Canada demonstrates how to make a dreamcatcher, an item designed to catch bad dreams and let good dreams through.

emediava native american dance

Learn About Apache Dances

Watch performances of Crown Dances and learn about the history of dance and its role in Apache culture.

emedia native american story

Native American Storytelling

Watch the telling of a Native American folktale. Storytelling is an integral part of the oral tradition for Native Americans. In this video segment from Jakers!, a California Indian tells the story of Shulayen, a girl with "stars" on her face.

emedia native american alphabet

The Cherokee Alphabet

Learn about the story of Sequoyah, a Cherokee man who developed an alphabet for the Cherokee language in 1821. His alphabet helped preserve the Cherokee language and Cherokee culture.

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