Did you know this week is National News Literacy Week?

Researchers in the last few years have found that many students have trouble judging the credibility of online news or discerning the sources of information they find online and on social media.

WHRO Education has resources to help! The Educaton team has developed playlists of resources for both elementary and secondary grade levels.

Resources for Elementary Students

This collections allows students in grades Pre-K through fifth grade to learn methods for:

  • Fact checking
  • Determining whether images are real or fake
  • Protecting their private information online

Check out the entire collection.

Resources for Secondary Students

This collection allows older students to gain the tools needed to be responsible and critical consumers of media.

Students will explore questions such as:

  • Are Internet Trolls Born Or Made?
  • Is Facial Recognition Invading Your Privacy?
  • Deepfakes: Can You Spot A Phony Video?
  • Is The Internet Making You Meaner?
  • Should I Share It?

Check out the entire collection.

Find more educational resources on a variety of topics on emediaVA.org