We can help children begin to make connections between the weather and themselves with fun learning activities and experiments. Weather is also a great way to introduce your children to early science lessons.

Weather Videos for Grades PreK-2

Little Scientist: Will it Rain or Will it Snow
Explore how the weather changes every day.

Weather Station Field Trip
At the National Weather Service and Hurricane Center, Penny and the KidVision VPK kids learn how to read world weather maps, track hurricanes, predict the weather, and practice reporting on television.

Clouds and Weather | Everyday Learning
Learn about different types of clouds and the weather they signal in this video featuring original stop-motion animation.

Weather Videos for Grades 3-5

Kid Meteorologist
Amy wants to be a meteorologist and volunteers at a weather observatory. In this adapted video segment, she shows us instruments used to predict the weather and describes how air pressure affects weather patterns.

Science Weather 3-5
Learn about different types of weather and about a Meteorologist.

Exploring Our Weather (6th Grade)
This video is part of the Continue to Know with WHRO TV series. Watch Adrienne Sawyer teach about the layers of the atmosphere and weather systems.

Weather Activities

Track Your Daily Weather With Nature Cat
With this printable your child can track their observations about the weather. 

Make A Bottle Thermometer
In this activity, you and your child will build a weather tool -- a simple thermometer that can tell you whether it is warmer or cooler than when you last read it.

SciGirls | Twirling in the Breeze
Scientists measure wind speed using a weather instrument called an anemometer, which relies on cups attached to freely rotating arms to catch the wind and make the arms spin. Build your own device to measure how fast the wind is blowing in this SciGirls engineering activity.

Observe Wind with a DIY Windsock
Help your child observe or “see” wind with a windsock made from materials found in the recycling bin.

Create A Tornado In A Jar
Explore the science behind tornadoes with this easy activity.

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