New episodes air May 14-18 on WHRO Kids TV at 9:00 a.m., 2:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m.

Get ready to get creative! Pinkalicious & Peter take kids on art-inspired adventures in a week of new episodes. Check out a preview and the schedule below.

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Monday, May 14 - Pink Lemonade/Pink Shoes

Pinkalicious and Peter start a lemonade stand to save up money to buy new art supplies and toys. The only problem? No customers! If they want to make some money, they'll have to get creative but how? Hopscotch-Palooza is here, and Pinkalicious can't wait to play, but her favorite pink sneakers are too small. With a little help from her mom, she makes a new pair that are even more pinka-perfect than her old shoes.

Tuesday, May 15 - Gnome More Nonsense/Space Dancing

Pinkalicious and Peter are thrilled when they discover Norman the Garden Gnome living in their backyard. He is great at keeping the bunnies away from their flowers, but he's not so great at playing pretend. It's up to Pinkalicious to show Norman that using your imagination can be both helpful and fun! Pinkalicious and her friends are putting on a dance show, but Peter gets discouraged when he keeps making mistakes. It's up to Pinkalicious to show him that he shouldn't give up - practice makes pinka-perfect!

Wednesday, May 16 - Indoor Camp-In/The Flutterbugs

Pinkalicious and Peter have been looking forward to having a campout in their yard, but plans change when it starts raining. That won't stop them, though. With a little imagination, some scissors and paint, indoor camping can be just as fun as camping outside! Pinkalicious and her friends are all set for a pinkerrific tea party - that is, until some unexpected guests buzz in. She thinks the flutterbugs are there for the cupcakes, but discovers what they really love is her singing.

Thursday, May 17 - Secret Sculpture/The Celebrator

Pinkalicious, Peter and friends set out to explore Pinkville Green and discover a secret statue to play on! Mr. Crunk tells them not to touch the art, but it looks so fun! Can you play with art? Pinkville's birthday is coming up, and Mommy has made just the invention for the occasion - the celebrator! It's so much fun to use that Pinkalicious can't stop celebrating -- every little thing -- until celebrating becomes, well, a little annoying.

Friday, May 18 - Sweet Pea Pixie/Pink Piper

It's time for the Sweet Pea Pixies to emerge from their pods in the Pinkville Community Garden, but one pixie has trouble flying. It's up to Pinkalicious and Peter to show her how to spread her wings and take off! Pinkalicious writes a song about her favorite color for school, but no matter where she goes to practice, she keeps getting interrupted by dogs barking, frogs chirping, and cows moo'ing. But why? It's almost like they like pink as much as she does.

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About the Series:

Pinkalicious & Peterrific, produced by WGBH, is based on the best-selling children's book series by Victoria Kann. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. She is an artist at heart - and, like most creative people, she sees the world different from others. But Pinkalicious knows what she likes, and she's not afraid to express herself - through she sometimes needs help from her brother, Peter, and her neighborhood friends to help her stay grounded. This series explores the arts, community and self-expression, and is aimed at kids 3-5.