Arthur® and Friends recently came to the Children's Museum of Virginia, in Portsmouth, and WHRO Education was there to join in the fun. Arthur's World is a traveling exhibit based off the popular PBS Kids program and children's books by Marc Brown. Developed by the Boston Children's Museum, the exhibit brings familiar characters – Arthur, Binky, Buster, and D.W. – to life as children tell stories and practice dramatic play as building blocks to developing their reading and writing skills. 

All of this takes place in some of the most classic Arthur storybook scenes: The Read Family Kitchen, Mr. Ratburn’s Classroom, and the Backyard Sleepover. Arthur® and Friends promotes important early skills, attitudes, and behaviors in children such as reading, understanding feelings, creative problem solving, being a good friend, and connecting to family. 

On the last day of the exhibit, WHRO Education teamed up with the local museum to present information for parents and children about health and fitness. Children learned about peanut allergies, asthma, and diabetes, and they watched a video of Arthur and his friends exploring the inner workings of the human ear.

Inside the exhibit, kids could "cook" in Arthur's kitchen, "camp out" in a backyard sleepover, explore a library, create their own green screen video, and check out Arthur's classroom. 

While children explored the Arthur's World exhibit, parents learned about the vast resources available to them through WHRO Education and WHRO Kids

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