WHRO’s Emerging Leaders Advisory Board works to increase young professionals’ engagement in public media’s mission through the creation of unique, entertaining, and educational opportunities.

The role of the Emerging Leaders Advisory Board is twofold. The Board is primarily charged with planning, promoting, and executing successful Board generated initiatives that promote the station to, and actively engage, millennial and similar audiences. The secondary role is to review WHRO’s programming, community, and station initiatives and providing feedback and recommendations on opportunities to maximize reach to millennial and similar audiences.

*All fields required.


Once acceptance of a position as a member of Advisory Board, member agrees to:

  1. Support the successful implementation of all Board initiatives
  2. Suggest strategies to support WHRO/WHRV’s role in maintaining relevance and interest to current audiences with a focus on millennial age range
  3. Be an ambassador of the station and represent WHRO/WHRV positively in the community
  4. Identify individuals who meet Board membership criteria and recommend them
  5. Attend at least seven out of ten board meetings. Failure to fulfill meeting guidelines in any fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) will result in release from Board
  6. Be a current contributing member of WHRO