We are a group of young professionals who are beginning to make their mark in Hampton Roads in a number of different industries. We currently have accountants and finance professionals from large companies, communication experts from Fortune 500 companies, educators in the arts, educators in our school systems, we have PhDs, and are nonprofit and local government professionals just to name a few. In short, this capable group of millennials has an important bond, we are PBS and NPR nerds who are spending their time giving back to public media.

Sam Black
Fan of Norfolk, coffee, food, tennis. Mktg & Digital Manager @ Downtown Norfolk Council. Everything is funny if you look at it the right way.

Yu Chen small

Yu Chen
Father & Husband. Illini Alum. Home cook & Foodie. Aspiring Traveler. NPR Nerd. Forever learning. “Change is the only constant”.


Keith Darrow
Equal parts Ron Swanson, The Dude, and Jake Blues. Transportation engineer, musician, Hampton Roads native, ODU alumnus.
1 Zoe 1
Zoë Hardy
Zoë is a Virginia Beach native, UVA grad, dog mom, an avid baker and, of course, NPR nerd. Zoe also serves on the board of the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach. 
Sonia G
Sonia Gopal
Proud Shipbuilder at HII-NNS. VCU Alum, local foodie, gardener, toddler son chaser, Traveler.
Rhena Hicks
27. Norfolk native. Mother. VA Politics. Volunteering is life. Too many organizations. Margaritas, more margaritas.
Rachel Jones web
Rachel Jones
Media Project Manager @ ODU. Happy mama, JMU grad, DMB fan, <3 supporting the arts, music, wine, spending time outside & doggie snuggles!
Rachel K small
Rachel Keene
Annual Fund Manager @ VA Arts Festival Local musician / proud #GirlBassPlayer @ Symphonicity. Certified classical music & bluegrass junkie. “Mom” to a senior pitbull+2 rescue kitties. Queen of 757 restaurant recommendations :)
Ashleigh small
Ashleigh Maggard
GMU Dance. SCAD Grad. Fundraiser. Bravo fangirl. Loves cooking, long walks, mystery shows, old houses, and beach days. Most likely to be found watching This Old House or America’s Test Kitchen with my husband and cat.
Alli Pereira
Dir of PR for Va Arts Festival by day, dance instructor by night. Loves all things dog, esp her daschund Bailey. Fav band= Wood Bros. Longwood Univ. alum

Tam small

Tameika Serrano
Community Troop Manager #GirlScouts. Uber Recycler. Leslie Knope=Goals. History Degree Holder ECU Pirate. Seinfeld Aficionado. Trying to make OV a thing.

Hannah small

Hannah Sobol
Audio producer for Truth Be Told. Actor, Writer, Teacher, Documentarian—Believer that a good story can be a powerful unifier. Haphazard horticulturist and a mother x2
Wilson small
Wilson Tuck
Indomitable. Insufferable. Humble.
William White
Technology explainer, runner, music lover, and every cat's favorite human
John W small
John Wiley
VA Native. History Nerd. D.E.I. Facilitator. Son of Bladwin. Plant Fanatic. Vinyl Enthusiast.