Welcome to the official site for the WHRO Emerging Leaders Board (ELB), a unique group of young professionals who are passionate about public media and who are interested in supporting it’s mission.

The mission of the ELB (also affectionately known as the ELBows) is to seek new and unique opportunities to engage millennials in public media.

We are a nerdy, fun, community-engaged group.

Who We Are

We are made up of 22 young professionals who are beginning to make their mark in Hampton Roads in a number of different industries. We currently have accountants and finance professionals from large companies, communication experts from Fortune 500 companies, educators in the arts, educators in our school systems, we have PhDs, and attorneys who work for well recognized firms (even a partner), and non profit and local government professionals just to name a few. In short, this capable group of millennials has an important bond, we are PBS and NPR nerds who are spending their time giving back to public media.

Our Members

Jennifer Chapman
Keith Darrow
Katie Elder
Luis Estrada-Chair
Paige Hamm
Zoe Hardy
Rhena Hicks-Vice Chair
Meghan E.Higgins-Secretary
Jane Kim
Ryan Klavan
Tim Kubinak

Maria Lawson-Davenport
Truly Matthews
Monica Meyer
John Miller
Jose Morey
Whitney Porter
Rachel Thompson
Brad Tuggle-Treasurer
Igor Vaserfirer
Nisha Witt

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