Congrats to the WHRO Public Media Journalism team whose staff members recently won awards for their reporting.

Journalist Mechelle Hankerson was awarded first place in Government Writing and second place in Education Writing by the Virginia Press Association.

Gina Gambony was awarded first place in Best Light Feature from Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters. Listen to her award-winning story.

Mechelle Hankerson

"What exciting news for Mechelle and Gina, and to WHRO Journalism over all," said Rebecca Feldhaus Adams, WHRO news director. "I didn't need an award to know that Mechelle was an outstanding journalist. So glad to have her on the team, and for her to get these accolades,"

Hankerson joined WHRO in January and has been enjoying the switch from print and online journalism to radio reporting. She previously reported for The News & Observer in Raleigh, NC, The Virginian-Pilot and The Virginia Mercury covering an array of topics including crime,housing, recurrent flooding, state government and education.

gina gambony puppets

Gina Gambony is also a puppeteer.

Gambony is the familiar voice that WHRV listeners hear each day as host of Morning Edition.

"It felt really great to see Gina's work recognized," Feldhous Adams said. "When you have a job like Gina's, and you have to fit reporting in alongside many other responsibilities, it's especially sweet."

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