We are 22 young professionals who are beginning to make their mark in Hampton Roads in a number of different industries. We currently have accountants and finance professionals from large companies, communication experts from Fortune 500 companies, educators in the arts, educators in our school systems, we have PhDs, and attorneys who work for well recognized firms (even a partner), and non profit and local government professionals just to name a few. In short, this capable group of millennials has an important bond, we are PBS and NPR nerds who are spending their time giving back to public media.

Sam Black
Fan of Norfolk, coffee, food, tennis. Mktg & Digital Manager @ Downtown Norfolk Council. Everything is funny if you look at it the right way.
Jennifer Chapman
VA Beach native. Beach lover. Arts Administrator. The Office addict. Regional Coordinator for @RichmondBallet #GoNiners
Keith Darrow
Equal parts Ron Swanson, The Dude, and Jake Blues. Transportation engineer, musician, Hampton Roads native, ODU alumnus.
1Katie Elder
Katie Elder
A Norfolk native & ODU alum, she has a passion for community engagement and volunteering. Loves traveling & hanging with her deaf dog, Leo.
Luis Estrada
Cap’n of cool kids. Interested in long walks on beach, NPR, & nonprofits. Good w numbers, doesn’t mean likes them. Wants most: world peace & media w/ goal of public service for all. He loves his partner, Matthew & dog, Pickles. 
Walter Gray 
Community member. Culinary enthusiast. Cultural advocate. Listener. Foster parent.
Paige Hamm
DC Native. French Speaker, Daughter of German-Canadian Immigrants. #GirlScouts Grants Manager. Obsessive Coffeeshop Dweller.
1 Zoe 1
Zoë Hardy
Zoë is a Virginia Beach native, UVA grad, dog mom, an avid baker and, of course, NPR nerd. Zoe also serves on the board of the Junior League of Norfolk-Virginia Beach. 
Rhena Hicks
27.Norfolk native. Mother. VA Politics. Volunteering is life. Too many organizations. Margaritas, more margaritas.
Tameika Hopkins
Community Troop Manager #GirlScouts. Uber Recycler. Leslie Knope = Goals. History Degree Holder. ECU Pirate. Seinfeld Aficionado. Trying to make OV a thing.
Jane Kim-Secretary
Jane is a future Archaeologist, beginner rock climber, UVA Alumn, and cat mom. In addition to the ELB, she also volunteers her time at libraries and archaeological sites.

Khalid Langston
Rural NC. UNCW '03. Cyber security. GhentNorfolk advocate. Musician. Loves The National. Dog & Cat Dad. Simpsons aficionado. Loves the beach. Kayaking. Bicyclist.
Monica Meyer-Treasurer
VP of Mktng for @VAsymphony. WVU (BM oboe) & WU (MBA) grad. Member of #DT100 and 2019 #MillenialontheMove. Pgh born & raised. #joyseeker
John Miller-Chair
Rural Ohio. USNA '11. Cambridge '13. DowntownNorfolk4Eva. Military. Writer. Thinker. Traveler. Runner. Gardener. Cook. Big Brother. Coach.
José Morey
CMIO Liberty Bio, Dir Of Innovation HyperloopTT, Dir of AI NASA iTech, CasaPearl Lover, Boricua, BoD MSV/VHI/ACR, Dad to a 2 and 4 legged child, STEAM addict
Alli Pereira
Dir of PR for Va Arts Festival by day, dance instructor by night. Loves all things dog, esp her daschund Bailey. Fav band= Wood Bros. Longwood Univ. alum
Whitney Porter
Director of Marketing at Ferguson. Loves podcasts, running, The Office and not cooking. Dislikes all caps, voicemails and snow.
Rachel Thompson
Spanish teacher, writer, translator. Avid reader. Travel addict. Home cook. Plant lover. Mom. 2020 VA Region 2 TOY.
Igor Vaserfirer
NCS, W&M, Nova Law. Business & real estate law enthusiast. Fraternity president. Two dogs, one cat. Blake Bortles aficionado. Red wine fanatic.
Rehn West
Norfolk native. Director of Development for Nauticus. Lover of movies, podcasts, fitness/sports & good beer.
William White
Technology explainer, runner, music lover and every cat's favorite human
Nisha Witt-Vice Chair
VA native. NC raised. Past: Navy Vet. Now: CEO/Spokesperson for the sun. Dream date: Capt. Planet at Rainforest Cafe. Spirit Animal: Panda.