Now that Virginia schools have closed over concerns about the spread of COVID-19, teachers are scrambling to convert their face-to-face lesson plans into content and activities that will allow students to learn online from home. WHRO Public Media is here to help!

In addition to a digital learning website where our 21 owner school divisions can access a library of online courses, WHRO Education’s premier library of digital content, eMediaVA, is proving to be more helpful than ever for teachers across the Commonwealth. It is a one-stop collection of high-quality instructional resources that are aligned to Virginia’s SOL (Standards of Learning).

Even before the spread of the coronavirus, teachers have found the online platform to be an excellent source when planning their classes. Gwendolyn Best, former fourth grade teacher and current instructional coach, said she often turns to eMediaVA for content. “eMediaVA is an excellent resource. I get very excited when I have a new teacher on staff and I get a chance to tell them all the things that eMediaVA has to offer.” Best noted the ease of locating desired teaching materials. “I was able to look in eMediaVA and say, ‘I’m looking for SOL 4.2 for Science,’ and it’s going to give me all the resources there in one place.” With over 160,000 digital learning objects, eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier destination for high-quality, SOL aligned teaching resources.

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eMediaVA draws content from trusted sources such as the Library of Congress, National Geographic Education, Sesame Workshop, Science Museum of Virginia, NASA and many more. It boasts a number of tools that allow teachers to establish playlists, upload their own content, create questions and create playlists. Because eMediaVA is web based, all of this is available anywhere teachers or students have an internet connection.

The special collections in eMediaVA offer an entire year of geometry and algebra taught in brief video segments. These video collections have garnered praise from teachers and parents as a great source for remediation and reinforcement of class instruction.


Educators can easily search for SOL-aligned content.

And what other things are educators saying about eMediaVA? Here are just a few quotes from teachers.

“Gaining access to so many resources so easily that are aligned with the SOL and current curriculum is fantastic!”

“eMediaVA is user friendly and provides clear, concise results.”

“It is a wonderful tool for implementing the SOLs, in a creative way, into the curriculum.”

“This is a fantastic resource!”

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Access to eMediaVA is free to all Virginia public, private and home-school educators and their students. Tutorial documents are available at