Meet Sandra Crawford, the warm and welcoming voice behind WHRO Public Media's Member Services, dedicated to assisting you with any account inquiries you may have.

In Sandra’s role as member services specialist, she helps members update their account details and answers any questions they may have about their membership. She is also the resident WHRO Passport expert.

WHRO Passport gives WHRO members access to an extended, on-demand library of quality television programming. From logging in to setting up the streaming service on their home devices, Sandra assists members with every aspect of the process. She said it’s actually her favorite part of the job!

“No matter what situation they have, I enjoy figuring out the resolve,” Sandra explained. “Whether they have cable, just antenna or only YouTube, I can help. I also assist them in activating their Roku or Amazon Firesticks, if needed. The members at WHRO are so kind. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

She said when she saw the position advertised, she knew it would be a great fit for her. “I have always watched PBS from childhood and had an interest in what makes public broadcasting work,” she said. “I have done previous work in production. WHRO seemed like the right place at the right time.”

The mission of the station is what energizes her and makes her work enjoyable.

“The various stations on radio and TV give information, education and insight into areas of society that can be unavailable to the community,” she explained. “WHRO reaches all ages, from one year old to 95. There is something for everyone. An individual can learn to read, write, count, get the latest in politics, a new recipe, a new language, travel tips, world news or watch their favorite show. The community also has exposure to great music. And it is free to the public. WHRO has it all!“

And when listeners or viewers are ready to enjoy even more from the station — and receive benefits like WHRO Passport — by becoming a member and financially supporting WHRO, Sandra is ready to show them the way.

Give her a call today to get started - 757.889.9419.

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