In today's modern world, online shopping has become overwhelmingly popular, and as a result, we are receiving more boxes at our doorstep than ever before. This increase in demand for cardboard has caused paper factories to shift their operations towards cardboard specifically, which has led to a significant rise in paper prices. At WHRO, we are also feeling the impact of this trend, with a 40 percent increase in our paper costs, including the cost of producing our member-exclusive monthly publication, Dimensions.

To adapt to these changes and to better serve our members, we have decided to transform this publication into a quarterly impact statement. Rather than providing the monthly program guide, the new Dimensions magazine will showcase the positive impact that WHRO is making in the community every day with your support.

The new, quarterly Dimensions print magazine will land in your mailbox in August. There will not be a July issue.

We are excited about this new direction and hope that you will enjoy it too. The great news is our online TV schedules are available at For those who still prefer a printed version of our TV schedule by mail, you can make that request at or by calling our Member Services Team at 757-889-9499. Additionally, we have developed an FAQ section that will answer questions related to the future of Dimensions.

Thank you for your support!


Bert Schmidt
President and Chief Executive Officer
WHRO Public Media