Students in Poquoson City Public Schools are learning more than language and math skills. Through Participate Learning, an organization that connects international teachers with schools, the students are able to learn from Ambassador Teachers who travel from their home countries to teach in the United States.

Spanish Teacher Ramíro Ramirez moved from Colombia to teach at Poquoson Elementary School. He said he enjoys being able to share his culture and his heritage in addition to helping students learn a new language.

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Spanish Teacher Ramiro Ramírez

Participate Learning sponsors more than 1,000 international teachers each year. International teachers provide authentic learning experiences for the students they teach. They are ambassadors of their culture and of the world outside the four walls of the classroom. The organization believes that the more knowledgeable children become about the world and its cultures, languages and people, the more prepared students will be to lead and thrive in our interconnected world.

Spanish Teacher Javier Navarro-Gonzales teaches at Poquoson High School. He said he enjoys getting to know his students and providing skills that will help them regardless of what paths they pursue later as they begin a career.

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Spanish Teacher Javier Navarro-Gonzales

“I know some of my students don’t like Spanish, but what I want from my students when is that at the end of the year or when they are out of my class they can say this year I learned this not only for knowledge but just for life.“

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Participate Learning has been partnering with schools and districts since 1987 to develop global citizenship among today’s students and equip them to collaborate and contibute in today’s global marketplace.

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