WHRO Public Media is excited to welcome award-winning journalist Steve Walsh to cover military and veterans in Hampton Roads.

Steve comes to WHRO from San Diego, where he’s been a successful freelancer with dozens of bylines with NPR’s American Homefront project. The collective of NPR affiliate stations works collaboratively to bring more thorough reporting about all branches of the military to NPR listeners. With the addition of Steve to staff, WHRO will also formally become a member of American Homefront, sharing our coverage with military towns across the country.

Steve’s interest in military reporting began in the early 2000s as a reporter at the Post-Tribune newspaper in Gary, Indiana. He embedded with members of the Indiana National Guard in Kuwait and Iraq several times, giving him firsthand knowledge of what troops saw in wartime.

His interest in the military continued as his career progressed. Steve hosted his own radio show at Chicago Public Media and went on to work at other large stations, including KPBS in San Diego.

During his time as a freelancer, Steve independently reported and produced the podcast Free The Pendleton 14. It tells the story of what happened to a group of Black Marines in 1976 who tried to stop the Ku Klux Klan from operating on Camp Pendleton.

WHRO is excited to have Steve on the journalism team to cover the world’s largest U.S Naval Base and its impact on our region and country.

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