The start of the school year is always a great time to research new ideas and resources to improve student learning. While the growing list of available education technology can be overwhelming, Virginia educators can count on eMediaVA to provide innovative digital tools that spark creativity and enliven content. WHRO Education staff sat down with one Virginia educator to learn how she uses eMediaVA to strengthen critical thinking, creativity and communication for her school’s students and staff.

Megan Morsey is a veteran educator in Newport News, who currently serves as a library media specialist at Woodside High School. “eMediaVA provides many opportunities for teaching digital literacy and enhancing students’ communication and critical thinking abilities, all of which are important 21st century skills.” According to Ms. Morsey, “one of the greatest aspects of digital media like eMediaVA is the accessibility. Students no longer have to be sitting in the classroom with the teacher to learn course content. eMediaVA also allows teachers to tailor lessons and instruction to individual students, by making it easy to change parts of lessons based on students’ skills or strengths.”

Ms. Morsey offers professional development sessions for Woodside’s content teams every year on how eMediaVA can be used to enhance their course material, and before becoming a librarian, used eMediaVA in her earth science classroom. “While I was teaching earth science, the eMediaVA resources were very useful. I would often insert the short, informative video clips into my lessons. In addition, I found the pre-made lesson plans to be especially helpful when I was a new teacher. I now share with my fellow educators that eMediaVA is a great place to get quality content to enhance your curriculum.”

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