Can learning about economics and personal finance be fun? WHRO Public Media thinks so. Coming soon, the WHRO Digital Learning department will release a newly-updated version of the Economics and Personal Finance online course. Aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning, this course is engaging, multimedia-rich, and filled with information to help all students become financially literate consumers, savers, investors and entrepreneurs. In this course, students explore economic systems in the United States and worldwide, budgeting and purchasing decisions, online banking and protection from identity theft and fraud, using credit responsibly, planning for education and living expenses, paying taxes, analyzing saving and investing, and much more! The online textbook-independent Economics and Personal Finance course also includes helpful resources for teachers.

EcoFinance Image1

A look inside the new online course.

WHRO owner-member school divisions can use the Economics and Personal Finance online course to help students meet the graduation requirement for a course in economics and personal finance, as well as other requirements for an online experience and a career and technical education (CTE) credential. In addition to the WHRO-created interactive learning objects, the Economics and Personal Finance course includes a new video series that follows a group of high school students in an afterschool club. These students encounter different issues related to topics in the online course and deal with them in humorous and enlightening ways.

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A sample lesson from the new online course.

 Meagan Taylor-Booth is director of digital learning at WHRO Public Media. Learn more about WHRO's educational resources for teachers, students and parents.