Go behind the scenes to see the making of unique performance that came to Hampton Roads in the spring of 2022. Virginia Arts Festival presented The InHEIRitance Project: EXODUS: Homecoming in May. The brand new play was co-created through conversations with the community, and reimagined the seven cities as an intergenerational family. It explored the hidden (and not so hidden) struggles of the Hampton Roads area. Each show was followed by a talkback panel with members of the creative team and local leaders to discuss the themes of play, the process of making it, and the possibilities for Hampton Roads. The production was created as part of VAF’s 25th anniversary season.

Our Curate 757 producers followed InHEIRitance Project artists who began working with community members in August 2021 exploring three narratives side-by-side: the story of Exodus, the history of Coastal Virginia, and the reflections of the people who call this place home.

Watch the documentary: 

About The InHEIRitance Project
The InHEIRitance Project began in 2015 as an experimental playmaking project. From 2015-2020, The In[HEIR]itance Project created 12 original pieces of theater in communities spread over 8 states, engaging over five thousand process participants. 100% of the box office receipts, over $30,000 to date, goes to local artists and arts organizations to continue the civic conversations in their communities through their own artistic practice.

This unique, collaborative process sits at the intersections of sacred and artistic practices. We endeavor, through collaborative artmaking, to investigate what we as HEIR's do with our shared and individual inheritances (myths, narratives, ideas, theologies, systems, etc.) and how we can apply them to hard conversations in our communities. Learn more.