Everything that we do is made possible through the support of our community. This week, we will be recognizing the dedicated volunteers who invest much of their time and effort into the operations here at WHRO. These folks who work to support what they love are why we're able to continue to thrive. During our pledge drives alone, it takes 84 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong TV drive and 160 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong radio drive. Even still, we are never short-handed because of the passionate volunteers that reach out.

It's day four of Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we continue in featuring the faces behind the familiar voices that are broadcasted on the airwaves, the faces of those who answer phones, the faces of those who greet guests, the faces of those staff events and the faces of those who help everything in-between. Along with the bright smiles and descriptions, some of the volunteers explain why they continue to do what they love to do.

Veroncia Watson

As a volunteer reader for The WHRO Voice, Veroncia Watson lends her time and her voice to help provide reading services to the reading-impaired in our local community.

"I am a five-time cancer survivor, and I read for The Voice because I am so grateful, humbled and thankful that God has healed me. I am retired from the U.S. Navy, and I volunteer to hopefully make an impact and, perhaps, a difference, in the life of someone who may need me in whatever capacity."

Bob Burchette

“Shirley and I have been reading together for The WHRO Voice for over 25 years and have also volunteered with on air pledge drives and other volunteer activities. We love providing these services to the community and having FUN as well!”  

Grace Butler

It's difficult to do work on an empty stomach, but Grace Butler ensures that volunteers are fed. As Food Donation Volunteer Leader, she coordinates with local businesses and picks up food to feed the mouths of those hard-working individuals so that the only hunger they have is a hunger to positively impact the local community.

Todd Rosenlieb

Even as Artistic Director at Todd Rosenlieb Dance, Todd Rosenlieb still finds time to volunteer at WHRO as On-Air Talent. Rosenlieb contributes his efforts to help provide opportunities for the local community and to promote a sense of community.

"WHRO is like a family member that is there for me every day! It reminds us that we are alive. I volunteer because I want to ensure that families have the same opportunity to learn, laugh and create memories for a lifetime of discovery! My experiences volunteering with the pledge drives have been wonderful adventures where I meet new people from the WHRO family and the community, learn new things about WHRO and encourage people to support something I truly believe in."