Everything that we do is made possible through the support of our community. This week, we will be recognizing the dedicated volunteers who invest much of their time and effort into the operations here at WHRO. These folks who work to support what they love are why we're able to continue to thrive. During our pledge drives alone, it takes 84 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong TV drive and 160 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong radio drive. Even still, we are never short-handed because of the passionate volunteers that reach out.

Today is our final day of featuring the faces behind the familiar voices that are broadcasted on the airwaves, the faces of those who answer phones, the faces of those who greet guests, the faces of those staff events and the faces of those who help everything in-between. While Volunteer Appreciation Week has come to its end, we're always thankful for the passionate people that help serve WHRO and our local community. Along with the bright smiles and descriptions, some of the volunteers explain why they continue to do what they love to do.

Alison Schoew

Between serving as a Standardized Patient at EVMS and as a Teacher at The Muse Writers Center, Alison Schoew volunteers at WHRO as On-Air Talent and as a Community Advisory Board member.

"So many years ago that I'm afraid to count them, I worked as the Public Information person for the ONE public radio station in our area—and I worked at our very first pledge drive. WHRO-FM, back in the day, carried it all: news, jazz, classical, folk and fun on the weekends. Nowadays, we are blessed to have TWO stations, and I'm a fan of both. I'm proud to live in an area of the country that's so well-served. And as for Channel 15: now really, what would my Sunday nights be like without Victoria?

Mary Hormell
Lorrie Ames

Along with Lorrie Ames, Mary Hormell volunteers at WHRO by helping out with the Great Computer Challenge (GCC). Hormell and Ames give their time and talent toward sewing ribbons for the medallions that will be awarded at the GCC.

Linda Dyer (left)

"Being a volunteer for WHRO for over 30 years is so much a part of my life that I can't imagine not being involved in some way. Over the years I was also on staff as an announcer and several other roles.In fact, there are a lot of people who still think I work there, but I'm so proud of the affiliation I just smile and say thank you!

"We" is the word I use I most when referring to everything WHRO stands for. I've always referred to us as a conduit, a hub of information, resources and activity for the entire community. I am so proud that after all these years I am still given the privilege to represent an organization and the people who I consider family."