Everything that we do is made possible through the support of our community. This week, we will be recognizing the dedicated volunteers who invest much of their time and effort into the operations here at WHRO. These folks who work to support what they love are why we're able to continue to thrive. During our pledge drives alone, it takes 84 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong TV drive and 160 volunteers to fully staff a weeklong radio drive. Even still, we are never short-handed because of the passionate volunteers that reach out.

In day three of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we continue in featuring the faces behind the familiar voices that are broadcasted on the airwaves, the faces of those who answer phones, the faces of those who greet guests, the faces of those staff events and the faces of those who help everything in-between. Along with the bright smiles and descriptions, some of the volunteers explain why they continue to do what they love to do.

Susan Ramsey

Susan Ramsey supports what she loves by serving as a Volunteer Team leader. Ramsey enjoys the range of programs that WHRO provides, so she helps ensure its ability to thrive and offer its program lineup.

"I greatly enjoy and appreciate the varied and diverse shows on WHRO—from British dramas and comedies to interesting documentaries, such as City in the Sky and news programs like NHK World News. I support WHRO to ensure the station can thrive and these options continue."

Greg McCracken

Greg McCracken volunteers as On-Air Talent and is passionate about the impact of public media.

"Public media is the best source of local and national news, information and entertainment. If you told me I could choose and have only one connection with the outside world, it would be public radio. I'd choose it over all sources of information, TV, other radio, internet and phone."

Alan Hagerman

A volunteer for the Great Computer Challenge, Alan Hagerman supports what he loves and, as a result, helps the youth explore opportunities in technology and in learning to work as a team.

"I love the opportunity the [Great Computer Challenge] provides to the participating boys and girls. It challenges them not only with technology but also with how to solve problems as a team and how to work with one another to achieve a goal. Every year, [the other volunteers and I] are amazed at what these teams accomplish and what they can do with the computers at such early ages. I truly enjoy volunteering for this event each year, and it is always fun to work with new volunteers; we can always use more hands."

John Delaney

For more than 20 years, John Delaney has contributed his assistance and his smile at WHRO. After retiring from his service as a Marine for 26 years, Delaney has continued to do a lot. Despite this, Delaney enjoys being able to keep busy while being able to give back to his community at the same time.

“We need the volunteers to keep WHRO going. The music is great. The programs are great. I’ve listened to other stations similar to ours in other areas and they don’t compare to WHRO. It’s just unique. I think that everybody in the Hampton Roads area is very proud of what WHRO does.”