Join PBS for a journey like no other, to the ends of the Earth and back again, with Earth’s Natural Wonders – Life at the Extremes. A joint production between PBS and BBC, Earth’s Natural Wonders’ second season explores humanity’s struggle to exist in the most extreme environments. Life at the Extremes travels from the coldest lands on Earth to the hottest, from the lushest forests to the most barren deserts, and shows how humanity survives in these places in the face of overwhelming odds.

Come see the strangest, most extraordinary environments on Earth – not simply through the lens of a camera, but through the eyes of the people who live here, and spend every day surviving in the most extreme places in the world. Earth’s Natural Wonders’ second season kicks off Wednesday, July 11 at 8 p.m. Watch a preview of the upcoming season below.

Catch up on Season 1 online.