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WHRO Emerging Leaders Board (ELBow for short)

We are 22 young professionals who are beginning to make their mark in Hampton Roads in a number of different industries. We currently have accountants and finance professionals from large companies, communication experts from Fortune 500 companies, educators in the arts, educators in our school systems, we have PhDs, and attorneys who work for well recognized firms (even a partner), and non profit and local government professionals just to name a few. In short, this capable group of millennials has an important bond, we are PBS and NPR nerds who are spending their time giving back to public media.

Check us out below.

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In a virtual awards ceremony held on Saturday, WHRO Public Media brought home five Emmy Awards for their exceptional work.

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Don’t let your fear keep you silent during conversations about race and racism. Let's talk about it! Join Barbara Hamm Lee and a distinguished panel of guests for an honest chat about race in our upcoming virtual town hall on August 20.

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Do you live in a rural community? We want to hear from you! As part of a new initiative, we are seeking the stories of traditions, diversity, challenges, beauty and history of local rural communities.

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Community Initiatives

Here's what we've currently got in the works to bring education, enlightenment, and inspiration to Hampton Roads.

American Graduate: Getting to Work initiative focuses on helping youth succeed in school, career, and life by exploring challenges to entering the workforce facing today's youth. Find out more


Hampton Roads is home to over 217,000 veterans. We're currently involved in these initiatives with them:

Veterans Coming Home

Veterans Coming Home explores "what works" for veterans as they return to civilian life sharing both the challenges and success stories of veterans who are making a difference in the workplace, on campus, and in their communities. Find out more

Wall of Faces

There are 1,307 names of Virginian Vietnam veterans listed on The Wall. WHRO is proud to spearhead a state-wide initiative and engage partners and community individuals to ensure every Virginian listed has a photo. Find out more

Race: Let's Talk About It

Stories and events that foster conversations about race relations in America. Find out more

Emerging Leaders Board

Young professionals passionate about public media and supporting its mission. Find out more

Let's Eat

Cooking Tips • Recipes from Area Chefs • Restaurant Reviews • Seasonal Delights Find out more

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