If you missed VA TV Classroom over the spring, you can catch up—or just watch for a quick refresher—this summer! WHRO TV will rebroadcast the popular program that features teachers teaching content for grades K-7.

Rebroadcast of Season 1
(weeks 1 through 6)
July 6 - August 14 on WHRO TV
11 a.m. - Learn and Grow with WHRO
Noon - Continue to Know with WHRO

The Earth Sciences and Algebra courses that aired for grades 7-10 will be available in our online learning platform at eMediaVA.org.

Find more content in eMediaVA:   

eMediaVA℠ is free to all Virginia public, private and home schooled educators, students and parents. Visit eMediaVA.org for these collections and more.

Earth Science
This Earth Science video series takes you and your students through the course just like you’d go through it at school.

Algebra 1
This comprehensive Algebra I video series covers all of the concepts in the Virginia Algebra SOL in short, easy-to-use video segments.

Join highly qualified mathematics teacher Cryshel Whitehead as she presents all of the concepts covered in the Virginia Geometry SOL in short, easy-to-use video segments.

Learn and Grow with WHRO
This collection of videos contains segments from the Learn and Grow with WHRO TV series. The TV show, comprised of kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade teachers, aired instruction across disciplines with a focus on math and English.

Continue to Know with WHRO
In this special collection, watch fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grade teachers deliver instructions to students using virtual technologies.

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About VA TV Classroom:

WHRO Public Media worked closely with the Virginia Department of Education to create “VA TV Classroom” to provide instruction to students in grades K-10 who are unable to access other distance learning options due to a lack of high-speed internet.

WHRO, as well as three other public media stations across the Commonwealth, aired this instructional content during a two-hour block Monday through Friday.

“WHRO is proud to be a part of ‘VA TV Classroom.’ WHRO actually stands for Home Room One,” WHRO President and CEO Bert Schmidt said. “WHRO was created nearly 60 years ago as a way to bring the classroom into homes via the TV. Much of our educational instruction is now created digitally, but knowing so many students now don’t have access to our online resources, we were thrilled to bring this important instruction back to our air.”