With support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and in collaboration with NOVA, WHRO Public Media producers are looking for local stories on the topic of medical marijuana use. We'll be creating videos as companion pieces to an upcoming one-hour documentaryby NOVA investigating the latest medical understanding of marijuana. 

About the NOVA Film

Marijuana contains 100 different cannabinoids, chemicals which mimic ones found in our brain. Some may show promise for treating seizures, addiction and insomnia. But some studies suggest heavy cannabis use may impair intelligence, increase psychosis or even put future generations at risk for addiction. And what risks does marijuana pose to the developing adolescent brain? As marijuana becomes socially accepted, scientists are racing to understand the long-term health consequences, both pro and con.

Local Stories

To further cover this topic and its impacts within the Hampton Roads community, we are seeking to interview people who have experience with marijuana used for medical purposes. 

  • Are you a veteran suffering from PTSD, chronic pain or other issues stemming from your time in the military who has found Cannabis to be a medical solution?
  • Do you have a child or family member who suffers from medical issues that could benefit from medical marijuana, but can’t find a doctor to prescribe it?
  • Have you ever struggled with addiction to opioids or other pharmaceuticals and turned to marijuana to help beat your dependency?
  • Are you a physician who openly prescribes medical marijuana and/or believes in the positive effects it could have on your patients?
  • Have you witnessed or experienced a different standard of justice for minorities when it comes to arrests, convictions and sentencing for marijuana violations?

We Need Your Help

Send us your stories using the form below. Our team will select some of the stories to follow up and report on.