WHRO has teamed up with Bright by Text, a national parent texting program, to put expert tips, games and child development information directly into the hands of parents and caregivers, with content focused on pre-birth through age eight. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, neighbor, or babysitter, Bright by Text can make caring for a little one easier!

Text the word WHRO to 274448 to sign up.


Friday-Sunday Nov. 22-24 - Harbor Park Kids Half Mile, Town Point Park
Teach your child the love of running at an early age. The Norfolk Harbor Kids Mile is a race for children ages 12 and under. It will start and finish at the same start and finish line that is crossed by our Half Marathon, 10K and 5K participants. 9:30 AM Start. Learn more.

Saturday Dec. 7- 7th Annual Reindeer Trot 7K Challenge, Reindeer Rally 5K and THE KIDS CHRISTMAS Mile, Mount Trashmore
Reindeer Rally 5K : 8 a.m., Reindeer Trot 7k 930 a.m., Christmas Mile 11 a.m. ( Ages 2-12 ). Holiday Outfit Awards, and much more! A Parent Or Guardian Is Allowed To Run/Walk With Their Child ( without a Bib# ) for The Christmas Mile. Learn more.


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According to the Harvard Center on the Developing Child, in the early years a child’s brain is developing at a faster rate than it will at any other point in their life. The interactions that a child has with adult caregivers at this stage sets the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depends. “Adult caregiver interactions in the early years of life are so critical for child development,” said Bright by Three President and CEO Jean McSpadden. “We want parents to have the best research-based information right at their fingertips.”

Bright by Text helps parents and caregivers make the most out of these interactions by illustrating fun and easy activities, providing positive parenting tips and resources, tips for aiding a child’s physical development, and through trusted and valued content from PBS. The program is proven to build nurturing caregiver-child relationships, and positively impact a child’s healthy development and school readiness.

In addition to expert content , Bright by Text includes messages about events and resources specific to Eastern Virginia, like free museum days, health clinics and preschool open enrollment periods. Text messages are available in English or Spanish and participants receive 3 to 5 text messages per week. Each message includes a link to a landing page with more detail, short modeling videos and links to related resources. 

Text the word WHRO to 274448 to sign up.

“It’s really exciting to have a service like this as a first time parent! There is a ton of information out there, but Bright by Text gives you simple, easy to use, and helpful information that has scientific backing. They’ve done the information sorting for you, and it’s a huge relief for expectant parents.”
- Derek, an expectant father and subscriber of Bright by Text.