September 2, 2021


The day for Passport adventurers has finally come! American Public Television (APT) has released several episodes of their most popular series to Passport, including America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Country, Simply Ming, and Lidia’s Kitchen; military and history documentary films; and travel series including Real Rail Adventures, Rick Steves’ Best of the Alps and Rick Steves’ Europe Awaits. Each quarter APT will release 300 to 500 more episodes to the Passport library, so more to come in the very near future.

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

American Masters: Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away

American Masters: Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away

Dive into the career of the legendary blues guitarist, a pioneer of Chicago’s West Side sound and a major influence on rock titans like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. Featuring new performances and interviews with John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and more. Watch Now.




Nature: Super Hummingbirds

America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated

Hosts Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison head into the test kitchen to bring viewers equipment reviews, taste tests, and recipes for the home cook. The skilled duo lead a team of test cooks that viewers have come to love and trust as they deconstruct recipes and reveal the test kitchen's secrets to foolproof cooking at home. Watch Now.




Washington Week

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television

Christopher Kimball searches the world over for techniques and ingredients that can transform the way America cooks and eats – such as a new way to use spices, a simpler way to cook chicken, a fresh combination of ingredients, or a trick that turns everyday food into something special. In season four, host Chris Kimball and his team travel to Italy, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Vietnam, India, and Spain, where they meet cooks who inspire a new style of home cooking. Watch Now.



Frontline: In the Shadow of 9/11

Frontline: In the Shadow of 9/11

How seven men in Miami were indicted for the biggest alleged Al Qaeda plot since 9/11. From the director of "Leaving Neverland," the bizarre story of an FBI sting that led to a terror prosecution, though the men had no weapons or connection to Al Qaeda. Watch Now.








Mark Your Calendar

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife: Season 10

Enjoy season 10 on Passport a month before it broadcasts! It's 1966, and it’s a testing time for the midwives. But there’s excitement, too, as the women's rights movement intensifies. Interesting challenges lie ahead for Nonnatus House, as well as great celebrations when England wins the World Cup. The first episode premieres on September 3, with a new episode premiering weekly. Watch the Preview.





WHRO Member Pick


“I love, love that you can get Masterpiece on Passport. Not only that you have access to all of the past programs, but that you can view current programs in advance of when they are airing. This way if your schedule does not work with when the show airs, you can watch it on Passport whenever you would like. Or even binge the entire series! In addition, Masterpiece has such a long history of fabulous content that can be shared with new generations who would not otherwise have access to this material. It is a great way for families to continue to give these shows life and value.”

Margie N. WileyMargie N. Wiley
Community Advisory Board Member





September 16, 2021


September marks the arrival of fall with an assorted variety of pumpkin spice products lining the grocery shelves. More importantly, it is the official launch of the PBS fall schedule which brings new drama, new seasons of your favorite programs as well as incredible documentaries. As we move through the month we will celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by showcasing our best Latino programs as well as films produced and directed by Latino filmmakers. Enjoy the Passport exclusive this month with the premiere of Frankie Drake Season 4 as well as a pumpkin spice treat or two. 

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

Masterpiece: Guilt

Guilt on Masterpiece 

A drunken drive home from a wedding lands two brothers in increasingly hot water, as they commit more and more serious crimes to hide their culpability in a hit-and-run. Mark Bonnar and Jamie Sives star as the brothers, with Ruth Bradley as the victim's niece, who falls for her uncle's killer. "A darkly delicious tale," declared The Guardian (London). Binge Now.  




Frankie Drake Mysteries

Frankie Drake Mysteries Season 4

From the wilderness to the world of high society, from an underground cabaret to a candy factory, Frankie Drake and Trudy Clarke investigate murders, kidnappings, heists, and poisonings. Morality officer Mary Shaw snoops through police files and hears non-civilian discussions, while Flo Chakowitz lends a hand with autopsy reports, science experiments, and her newly acquired medical skills. Binge Now.




Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife Season 10

It’s 1966, and it’s a testing time for the midwives. But there’s excitement, too, as the women’s rights movement intensifies. With Trixie’s help, Sister Julienne is determined to steer Nonnatus House out of its financial quandary. Dr. Turner deals with an array of difficult cases including a former soldier involved in nuclear test explosions. Sister Monica Joan experiences a crisis of faith. Sister Frances realizes she needs to be a little less spiritual if she’s to really connect with the local women. Watch Now.


Latino Americans

Latino Americans

Latino Americans is the first major documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have helped shape North America over the last 500-plus years and have become, with more than 50 million people, the largest minority group in the U.S. Watch Now








Mark Your Calendar

Seaside Hotel

Seaside Hotel Seasons 2 & 3

Season 2 picks in the summer of 1929, the residents are back for more seaside shenanigans However, the return of the deceased hotel owner's son puts the survival of the hotel in jeopardy. From Walter Presents, in Danish with English subtitles. The complete seasons 2 & 3 premieres on September 30. Binge season 1 on Passport now.





WHRO Staff Pick

All Creatures Great and Small

“The characters in All Creatures Great & Small captured my heart from the first. At the center of the story is James Herriot, a young veterinarian starting a new and challenging job. He’s joined by steadfast Mrs. Hall, the curt (but really very lovable) Dr. Farnon, and his ne'er-do-well younger brother. Each person is equally fascinating in their daily efforts to care for the veterinary needs of their town, and it's so gratifying to witness the evolution of their relationships as the story progresses.”

Amy EvansAmy Evans
Digital Engagement Designer





September 30, 2021


After months of anticipation, Ken Burns' ambitious series on Muhammad Ali has arrived. As with every series created by the powerhouse and his team, it was well worth the wait. Beautifully produced, Burns tells the complete story of the greatest athlete of the 20th century. When asked, "Why Muhammad Ali?" Burns answered, "There are so many layers and subtexts to him. He is an epic, almost mythic figure, in which his life and his flaws and his strengths play out on a world stage." Experience all eight hours of this four-part series, now available in Passport. It is time well spent.

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali | Ken Burns 

Muhammad Ali brings to life one of the most indelible figures of the 20th century, a three-time heavyweight boxing champion who captivated millions of fans across the world with his mesmerizing combination of speed, grace, and power in the ring, and charm and playful boasting outside of it. Ali insisted on being himself unconditionally and became a global icon and inspiration to people everywhere. Binge Now.



Royal Myths and Secrets

Lucy Worsley's Royal Myths and Secrets

Lucy Worsley travels across Britain and Europe visiting the incredible locations where Royal history was made. In beautiful palaces and castles and on dramatic battlefields she investigates how Royal history is a mixture of facts, exaggeration, manipulation, and mythology. Watch Now.





Virginia Found

Virginia Found 

Virginia Found is a half-hour adventure series highlighting unusual stories of history, places, people, and the cuisine of Virginia. Dave Parker, a well-known Hampton Roads native, offers a dynamic, fast-paced exploration of destinations and lesser-known local hangouts within the Commonwealth. Watch Now.





Bat Man of Mexico

Nature: The Bat Man of Mexico

An ecologist tracks the lesser long-nosed bat’s epic migration across Mexico, braving hurricanes, snakes and seas of cockroaches, in order to save the species and the tequila plants they pollinate. Watch Now.








Mark Your Calendar


Grantchester Season 6

In an all-new season, it’s 1958 and trouble is brewing in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester. Reverend Will Davenport (Tom Brittney, Greyhound) relishes his role as a firebrand vicar, but the very role he loves puts him at odds with his own ideals when Leonard (Al Weaver) is caught up in a scandal. With new crimes around every corner and morality and legality at odds, it’s going to take all of Will’s skill and empathy to navigate these choppy waters and help the ones he loves. Season 6 premieres on October 3. Watch the preview.




WHRO Staff Pick


I've been recently binge-watching Résistance! The story of the French resistance during the Nazi Occupation of Paris in World War 2 has always been particularly fascinating to me. Especially wild is how both Parisians and some groups of Nazis used the catacombs, a network of tunnels that stretched beneath the city, as meeting spots and bunkers yet owing to how vast the catacombs were, the two forces never knew the other was there.

This series captures well how the resistance movement was a point of tension even amongst French people - you see the struggles between families, friends, and colleagues as they weigh the consequences of aligning themselves with a liberation movement. The French resistance is so integral to Parisian history that they recently opened a museum dedicated to the city's liberation! And as a special bonus, the show helps me keep up with my French speaking!

Amy EvansPaige Hamm
Grants and Initiatives Manager