November 9, 2023

We have a WHRO Passport exclusive this month for you to enjoy! The tenth and final season of Doc Martin has arrived. This delightful series is a member favorite, and all 8 episodes are available for a binge weekend. 

Along with our other recommendations, we have Little Bird, a dramatized series based on a true story. The riveting series portrays policies enacted in Canada that enabled child welfare authorities to scoop up indigenous children from their families and place them in foster homes where white families adopted them. This act called the Sixties Scoop, began in the mid-1950s and persisted into the 1980s.

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

Doc Martin

Doc Martin, Season 10

In the 10th and final season of Doc Martin, a year has passed since Martin resigned his medical license, and his wife, Louisa, is now the one seeing patients in her new career change as a child counselor while he looks after their two young children. But does the Doc truly never want to practice medicine again? All regular cast members reprise their roles. Binge now.




Native America

Native America

Season 2 of Native America is a groundbreaking portrait of contemporary Indian Country. This four-part Native-directed series reveals the beauty and power of today's Indigenous world. Smashing stereotypes, it follows the brilliant engineers, bold politicians, and cutting-edge artists who draw upon Native tradition to build a better 21st century. Binge now.





Spy in the Ocean

Spy in the Ocean | A Nature Miniseries

The ocean depths are full of mysteries, but luckily, there are daring spies up to the task of discovering them for us. Go on a mission deep beneath the waves in Spy in the Ocean, A Nature Miniseries.
Watch now.






American Experience: The Busing Battleground

Little Bird

In 1968, five-year-old Bezhig Little Bird was forcibly removed from Long Pine Reserve and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal and renamed Esther Rosenblum. Eighteen years later, she embarks on a journey to unravel her history. Through this epic journey of connection and self-discovery, Bezhig Little Bird begins to find her lost family and put the pieces of her fragmented past back together. Binge now.






Mark Your Calendar

Royal Flying Doctor Service

RFDS: Royal Flying Doctor Service, Season 2

Just a year after Eliza left Broken Hill behind, much has changed, with lives at RFDS South East progressing rapidly. The determined team faces some of their most high-stakes challenges – in the air, on land, with each other, and within themselves – set against the isolation, beauty, and brutality of the Australian outback. Season 2 premieres November 23 . Enjoy the preview now.






November 23, 2023

We are thankful for the privilege of being in your lives this Thanksgiving. Thank you for inviting us into your homes, conversations, and hearts.

As our gift to you, we are happy to share the short film on the Beatle's last song, produced using modern technology that wasn't available when it was first attempted in 1996 using an original tape recording by John Lennon. We hope you will enjoy this as well as the program suggestions below.

- Heather Mazzoni, Chief Content Officer


Now on to the shows

The Beatles

Now and Then: The Last Beatles Song

Follow the five decades-long journey of the last song John, Paul, George, and Ringo will make together. A recent technological breakthrough enabled the original recording, made by John Lennon in the 1970s, to be brought to life and worked on anew with contributions from all four Beatles. A remarkable story of musical archaeology, this short film celebrates The Beatles' endless creative curiosity. Watch now.




Royal Flying Doctor Service

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Based on remarkable real-life stories, this gripping drama series follows the modern-day heroes of the Royal Flying Doctor Service as they navigate private lives as turbulent and profound as the heart-stopping emergencies they attend to across some of the most beautiful and inhospitable places in the Australian outback. Binge now.





The War on Disco

American Experience: The War on Disco

The War on Disco explores the culture war that erupted over the rise of Disco music. The hostility came to a head on July 12, 1979, when a riot led by rock fans broke out at "Disco Demolition Night" during a baseball game in Chicago.
Watch now.





The Earthshot Prize

The Earthshot Prize 2023

Celebrate the annual ceremony of Prince William's prestigious environmental award: The Earthshot Prize. The star-studded event honors this year's five winners and their innovative solutions to help repair our planet within the next ten years. Watch now.








Mark Your Calendar

Lucy Worsley

Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen

Lucy Worsley explores the enigma of Agatha Christie. Over three episodes, she applies her historian’s powers of investigation to the Queen of Crime. And she uncovers a complex woman whose life – and work – reflects the upheavals of the 20th century. Enjoy the preview now. Premieres December 3.