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In The Facebook Dilemma, a major, two-night special, FRONTLINE investigates the powerful social media platform’s impact on privacy and democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

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Join chef Vivian Howard after the harvest season as she hosts a special harvest feast for the show's most beloved personalities to gather for one last batch of quintessential Southern ingredients.

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Learn the story of the unlikely -- and largely unknown -- campaign to breed a "better" American race, tracing the rise of the movement that turned the fledgling science of heredity into a powerful instrument of social control.

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Join Ann Curry to see dramatic reunions of those whose lives crossed at pivotal moments in the country's history.

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Meet the planet's ultimate cats and witness their journey from fighting for survival in a drought in Africa, to finding a mate in the Himalaya.

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Combine ancient wisdom and modern science to answer a 15,000-year-old question: who were America's First Peoples? The answer hides in Amazonian cave paintings, Mexican burial chambers, New Mexico's Chaco Canyon and waves off California's coast.

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