Tuesday, May 23 | 6:00 – 9:00 PM
ODU University Theatre, 4608 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23508
Free Screening | Register to join us.

Rich in diversity and historical significance, the Tidewater area is the second most vulnerable community in the U.S. to sea level rise, after New Orleans. A new film from award-winning director Roger Sorkin explores this dilemma and the challenges it is causing. Tidewater illuminates the fact that the crisis has now spread unmistakably to our military and support infrastructure in Virginia, underscoring that flooding is a security risk and must be a priority.

With over 1.6 million citizens, the region is comprised of 17 jurisdictions and hosts 18 federal government agencies along with Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval station in the world and a major deployment point for U.S. forces globally. The region is also experiencing land subsidence, which exacerbates the effects of recurrent flooding, and has enlivened on-the-ground activism from groups such as Moms Clean Air Force. The new film explores the namesake Tidewater region of Virginia and North Carolina, highlighting the area’s vulnerability to flooding which most affects our overall national security.

“If there’s one US region that should concern all Americans,” warns Sorkin “it’s Hampton Roads in southeastern Virginia, home to our largest naval base and a number of other critical military installations.”  

The film is produced by the American Resilience Project.

Attend the Premiere:

In partnership with WHRO through the Batten Environmental Initiative, the film will premiere in Hampton Roads on May 23, 6-9 p.m., at the Old Dominion University Theatre. The premiere will be followed by a panel discussion with Sorkin, military experts, and moderated by Cathy Lewis, host of WHRO's radio program HearSay. The screening is free. Register to join us.

Watch the Trailer:

Tidewater OFFICIAL TRAILER from Roger Sorkin on Vimeo.