Dear American,

I do hope I’m interrupting something. It is, of course, because I have something very important to tell you. I am sure that you will be watching WHRO’s marathon of Downton Abbey starting on Friday night, September 2. I mean, what other plans could you have on what you Americans call your “weekend?” I was simply delighted when I heard that all six seasons would be airing for your viewing pleasure.

I am writing to inform you that if you are watching carefully, you will have the opportunity to win some splendid prizes. Watch for keywords to appear during the marathon, and head to WHRO’s Facebook page for your opportunity to win.

I simply do not understand why you Americans spend hours on this Facebook invention, but I am not one to be unyielding to the status quo — at least not when there is something pleasurable in the deal for me. As such, I will be taking over WHRO’s Facebook page during the marathon to share my wisdom as you watch the show.

So have your kitchen staff prepare the tastiest dessert and set out the finest china. You will want to invite your friends to join you for our marathon and contest!


Countess Violet