In this episode of Stories in the Sky, Victor Russo steps out of the broadcasting studio and travels to New York, where a different kind of studio hides on the top floor of a former factory building in Lower Manhattan.

It’s the art studio of visual artist Ryan McGinness, and here, Russo recently had the pleasure to talk with the artist himself.  Known for his slick, brightly-colored icons, McGinness frequently displays his works and designs on various platforms on top of the traditional museum and gallery—like cognac bottles, playing cards, street signs, and interstate billboards.  But when asked about a possible collaboration with different artists, McGinness responds, “No, I think that’s an awful idea.  You know what?  I’m not interested in diluting anyone’s work anymore than I’m, you know, interested in having my own work diluted.”

In this real-talk edition of Stories in the Sky, McGinness gives Russo a tour of the studio and talks about his theories on art, his use of psychoactive plants, and his childhood in Virginia Beach.

Ryan McGinness is a visual artist based in New York City.  You can find more information on McGinness at his official website