“Any time is a good time for an ice cream or shake.”  That was Al Doumar’s simple philosophy.   His signature bow tie and suspenders were as much a part of Doumars  Cones and Barbecue as the wait staff that delivered the goods right to your car window.  Al Doumar passed away on Wednesday, May 14th  after a bout with bladder cancer.   He will be sorely missed.  Stop by and have a cone in his honor.  Any time is a good time.

Photos Coutousy of Doumars Cone & BBQ Facebook Page

Albert Doumar (1922-2014)
This photo from 2004 shows a hale and hearty Albert Doumar working the ice-cream cone machine in front of the building on the sidewalk.  Big Al has made cones in nine different decades.
On his 91st birthday, Big Al came in to make his customary batch of ice cream cones and the staff got him a hat for the occasion.
Three generations of Doumars.
Albert Doumar holding his grandchild.
The Doumar family ran the soda fountain at the Well's Theater from 1910 until 1920. Customers could enter from the streetfront or from the lobby of the theater when events were taking place.
Construction of the current Doumars Monticello Avenue at 20th Street in 1954.
Doumars interior - 1955.
Doumars - March of 1955
Monticello Avenue Opening in 1949
Doumars Drive-In 1949
Bob McDonnell makes a visit to Doumars
George Allen talks to Big Al
Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, Attorney General Mark Herring and Virginia Northam Terry McAuliffe with Al Doumar
d approachable spirit and is always looking to re-connect with an old friend or to make a new one.
Doumars, Open at Night - 1949
A shot from last Summer shows Big Al near the end of his cone-baking shift and the cones are stacked up high
Four generations of Doumars in one picture!! On the wall in the painting, our founder and inspiraton George, and left to right Big Al, Thad and Andrew.
This shot was taken in 2004, when Doumar's teamed up with the Virginia Ballet to promote each other.
Ocean View location of Doumars
Ever the showman, Big Al prepares to make our 'Big Daddy' cones in this shot
This is a photo from a few years ago taken during the annual employee Christmas party showing the rare occasion when Big Al is not wearing a bow tie.
Big Al was always a favorite with the staff
Albert Doumar and Thad Doumar
Grand Opening with Doumars Staff 1949
Big Al at the counter
Tearing down of the Ocean View location of Doumars.
To celebrate Big Al's 92nd Birthday, Doumars sold single-dip ice-cream cones all day for 92 cents!
Thad, Al and Richard Levin
3 days before Big Al's 92nd birthday.  Here he is on election day with our governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general when they stopped by for lunch.
Doumars in Ocean View
The original Monticello location was built in 1934, and it served the family well for many years.
This shot from 1920 shows a model T Ford panel delivery truck in front of the Doumar cone wholesaling business at 2604 Granby Street.
The Doumar family ran seven stands at Ocean View Amusement park and help the exclusive ice-cream cone concession there from 1907 until 1942.
Behind the counter from left to right are Albert Doumar, John Doumar, George Doumar, and Victor Doumar.
Al was in such a hurry to make it to work that he forgot his signature bow tie at home for the first time since 1946.  The staff improvised.
 This iconic photo taken in the 1950's is one of Big Al's favorites. It has it all- the fullback football star, the cheerleader girlfriend with the DA hairstyle and Doumar's in the background.
The excitement of the day shows on these two guys as they wait for business on a slow day at the Ocean View stand, about 1920.
Distinctive Magazine covers Albert Doumar
Albert with son Thad
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