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There have been at least twenty screen adaptations made of Charlotte Brontë's beloved Jane Eyre. A few of these movies have attracted some of the best artists in the business.                                                                

This month in 1934, the first Jane Eyre with sound opened in theaters, starring Colin Clive and Virginia Bruce in the roles of Rochester and Eyre. A decade later, Orson Wells and Joan Fontaine would play the besotted couple to a score composed by the great Bernard Herrmann, who was also working on his opera, Wuthering Heights, at the same time. Conductor and composer Adriano says that it is Herrmann's most romantic score in that it "includes all of his congenial, emotional musical devices, ranging from lyric tunes to mysterious, eerie, 'gothic' or horror music."


Click below or visit ReelSound to hear Herrmann's score for the 1943 version of Jane Eyre, some of John Williams' work for a 1970 TV movie adaptation with Susannah York, and Dario Marianelli's music for the 2011 film starring Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska.


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