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Jenny Lewis first made a name for herself as the spunky lead singer of Rilo Kiley, releasing two solo albums after the band broke up. But it’s been six years since her last album and "The Voyager" addresses the long dry spell with songs about recrimination, second guessing and eventually, vindication.

Most of the album was produced by Ryan Adams who Lewis says she was not familiar with before asking him to make sense out of a set of songs she was having trouble getting a handle on. Adams recorded with her but didn’t allow her to listen to the songs played back. The tactic obviously was just what she needed giving her the freedom to move on in more ways than one.

The Voyager’s songs are bittersweet but with arrangements that belie their darkness. The jangling sing-a-long choruses and her sharp, confident voice giving a glimpse of hope to the sad stories of broken relationships, ugly truths and missed opportunities.

Lewis says this album is the hardest one she’s ever made, suffering through periods of insomnia and fear that it would never be finished. By the end of it, she sounds like she has made a cathartic journey, coming through it no worse for the wear and even stronger for the experience.      

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