The composer of the score for the 1958 epic The Big Country  would have been 101 years young on August 1st.  Jerome Moross' music still influences the sound of film and theatre today.

Jerome Moross was born in Brooklyn in 1913. He said in a 1979 interview that "I was playing the piano by ear by the time I was the time I was eight I was already composing." He graduated NYU at age 18 and that same year, his first work premiered and was conducted by his lifelong friend Bernard Herrmann at Julliard's concert hall. He went on to compose numerous beloved works for stage and screen.

Aaron Copeland said that Moross, "writes music that has a quality of sheer physicalness, music ‘without a mind,’ as it were.”

Click below or visit ReelSound to hear the score to The Big Country along with selections from other Moross classics.  You can read more about the composer at his daughter's website,

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