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Old Crow Medicine Show’s eighth studio album, "Remedy" begins and finishes with prison songs and in between are tunes celebrating a lifestyle that could end them up there.  It’s rambunctious and foot stomping, string band wit and wisdom delivered with punk rock energy.

The return of banjo player and singer Critter Fuqua for the first time since 2008 has re-energized the band and the songs jump from one fiddle and banjo fueled howdown to another.

The band has also collaborated with Bob Dylan once again. One of their best known songs is "Wagon Wheel" inspired by an unrecorded Dylan rarity.  On the song "Sweet Amarillo" however Dylan wrote the song for them, even suggesting the instrumental arrangements.

There’s a moving tribute to the man who discovered them, the late Doc Watson who found them busking outside a North Carolina bar he was playing. They tell the story with their characteristic earnestness.

Old Crow Medicine Show's "Remedy" is like that magic elixir associated with the bands name.  While it may not cure your ills it’ll give you a vicarious thrill to be hanging with a band that lives on the edge and plays like it too.

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