Is there any better way to celebrate Independence Day than by squelching an alien invasion? Why yes, by listening to a marvelous score that accompanies one of the greatest, most ridiculous disaster movies ever to grace the silver screen.

Independence Day is a Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) masterpiece of mayhem and silliness, led by Will Smith's sass, Jeff Goldblum's sarcasm and Bill Pullman's gravitas in his turn as President of the United States. The movie holds the record for the most minature models used on a single film and will likely retain that award since everyone's gone digital since.

That great swell of "Go, USA!" we feel when Randy Quaid swoops in to save the day can be credited to David Arnold, the composer of the big, beautiful soundtrack.  If you know your Morse code, listen carefully to the drum beats during the alien invasion scene.  Yep, spells out "D.I.E."  Arnold is a UK-born composer and you currently hear his music on the Sherlock TV series. He's also written for SpongeBob Squarepants and five James Bond Films. He's currently working on music for another Emmerich movie due out in 2016 which also stars Bill Pullman.

Please head over to Sondra Woodward's ReelSound to hear the score to Independence Day along with a bit of Jerome Moross' music for The Big Country.

Happy 4th of July!

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