A few years ago, WHRV became a flagship station for the launch of a new, proposed state-wide call in show, Virginia Conversations, hosted by May-Lily Lee.  This endeavour was to eventually reach across the Commonwealth, and offer a chance for listeners all over the state to call in on a variety of topics. While there was good particpation from listeners in WHRV's broadcast footprint, the show didn't reach the carriage from Northern Virginia its producers had hoped for. And, as we like to say in broadcasting, every show has a "shelf-life". With that reasoning, the producers of Virginia Conversations have made the decision to cease production of the show at the end of June.

In the words of Rick Mattioni, the Director of Programming for the show's syndicator, Virginia Public Radio:

"I want to thank the stations that have carried Virginia Conversations live or on a delay basis as well as May Lily, Jerry, and Connie who put their heart into each and every show. Also, your confidence in our being able to turn out a weekly discussion program on a shoestring budget and your decision to carry the program each week has been very gratifying.  We appreciate the opportunity to bring a large part of the state together for an hour long conversation each week."  

Additionally we wish to thank Rick and his team for producing great radio, and we want to thank the many listeners who not only listened to Virginia Conversations, but also called in wth comments and questions. You represented our area well!

With the show going away, we'll be bringing you the BBC Newshour in its place on Friday mornings at 9. With world class reporting, and a take from "across the pond", we're sure it will be your place to go for more news on Friday mornings.

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