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Ray Lamontagne’s new album "Supernova" comes almost four years after his last album, the winner of best folk album at the Grammys. The years between have been troublesome for the singer as he struggled with his identity as a songwriter, not wanting to repeat himself.  Things clicked though when he teamed up with the highly in-demand producer, Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys’ who produced and fronted the band for his new album.

Lamontagne says he approached the new album with a sense of freedom, pursuing songs that were a little different from what he’d been working on. The result is that some of the songs are constructed more like 60’s psychedelic rock, with electric guitar, vocal reverb and a full band backing him up.  What’s surprising is despite the tweaking to his overall sound he has maintained his musical identity laid out in his first four albums.

Auerbach pulls off the same magic he did for Dr. John on his Grammy winning album by leaving Lamontagne’s unique voice the center of attention as he sings his songs of love and loss with slightly more polish and less pastoral than before.

The best example of this collaboration between Lamontagne, the acoustic balladeer and Auerbach the leather clad rocker is a dreamy, slightly dangerous sounding song, "Pick Up a Gun."  

Lamontagne has been one our best songwriters over the ten years since his debut came out and it’s to be expected that an artist succumbs to a little wanderlust by the time he gets to his fifth album. On "Supernova" he uses that urge to explore in an a way that will only add to his legacy.

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