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Keb Mo is celebrating twenty years of imposing his acoustic, humorous and poetic point of view on the staid old blues genre. As the title of his new album “BluesAmericana” implies, the blues can be found in many different forms of American music.

Acoustic guitars make up the foundation of the album but the arrangements include plenty of texture, with slide guitars, mandolin, percussion and subtle horn accompaniments spicing up a set of songs mostly about love and faithfulness.  His last album was a soulful, slickly produced change of pace but “BluesAmericana” returns to the roots of his sound, keeping his optimistic and light-hearted approach intact.  Keb Mo says he never set out to be a blues guy but he’s realized how very powerful it is and how it continues to fuel what he does. He says “The Blues put the realness in it for me.” On ”BluesAmericana” it’s great to have the realness back again.

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