But why do people serve?  Why do they willingly give up their autonomy and risk their lives to fight for their country? 

Here are some great reasons. We encourage anyone who has served or is continuing to serve their country through the armed forces to download the sheet “Why I Serve (currently in the service) / Why I Served (retired or no longer in service)” and write your reason on the sheet.  Then, have someone take a picture of you holding your message and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the picture to us at WHRO so we can proudly display your message of service.


Why We Serve - Getting Ready for Boot Camp
Why I Served - Gift of Freedom
I Served - To Never Have 911 Again
Why I Served - Better Way of Life
I Served - To Do My Duty
I Served - To Be a Hero
I Served - To Fulfill My Draft Notice
I Serve - To Protect My Loved Ones
I Served - For Love of Country
I Served - For Love of the USA
I Served - Because My Country Serves Me
I Served - For My Children
I Serve - To Protect My Country
I Serve - For Freedom
I Serve - For My Country's Furture
I Served - For the Love of this Country
I Served - Because I Am Proud of Being a Citizen
I Serve - To See the World
I Served - For the Honor of My Family
I Served - To Join My Fellow Servicemembers
I Served To Be a Marine
I Served - For My Brothers & Sisters in Arms
I Served - Because I Love This Country
I Serve - To Protect Those I Love
I Served - To Show Compassion
I Served - Because My Freedom Was Worth Protecting
I Served - To Thank Veterans Before Me

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