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Hampton Roads is home to 108,000 active duty military personnel, and 178,000 veterans.  As the wars in Iraq and Afganistan wind down, the numbers of veterans are increasing, and they need special services to help them successfully re-enter civilian society.  Through the community engagement efforts of WHRO's Center for Regional Citizenship, WHRO/WHRV is embarking on a multi-year veterans initiative that will highlight the struggles and triumphs of returning military, as well as serve as a connection point between service providers and those who need help.

Our efforts begin with a three part series called "Coming Back with Wes Moore" which will air on WHRO-TV 15, Tuesdays in May.  On the next Another View we'll share highlights of the series and talk with Christopher Justice, a Navy veteran and addiction therapist; Jaren Hawkins, an Army veteran, former combat engineer and student at ODU; and Yennetta Taylor, an Airforce veteran and student at ODU about their struggles and successes in coming back to America after war.  We'll also learn about the Center for Military and Veterans' Education with Dr. Bruce Brunsen.

It's all on Another View, Friday, May 2 at NOON on 89.5 WHRV-FM, or stream us live.

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Support for WHRO comes from