Suzy Bogguss.

Suzy Bogguss.

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Grammy-winning vocalist Suzy Bogguss topped the country charts through the late '80s and '90s with hits like "Hey Cinderella" and "Cross My Broken Heart." She went on to start her own label and widen her range to include pop and jazz.

Set List

  • Bogguss (voice, guitar), "I Always Get Lucky With You" (Church, Powers, Whitson)
  • Bogguss (voice, guitar), "I Started Loving You Again" (Haggard, Owens)
  • Bogguss (excerpt), "Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down" (Haggard)
  • Bogguss (voice, guitar), Feinstein (piano), "Letting Go" (Crider, Rollings)
  • Bogguss (excerpt), "Beautiful Dreamer" (Foster)
  • Bogguss (voice, guitar), "If We Make It Through December" (Haggard)
  • Bogguss (voice, guitar), "Hey Cinderella" (Bogguss, Berg, Harrison)
  • Bogguss (voice), Feinstein "Someone To Watch Over Me" (Gershwin)

On this episode of Song Travels, Bogguss joins host Michael Feinstein to discuss her love of American folk songs like those by Stephen Foster. She also pays homage to Merle Haggard with selections from her 2014 album Lucky, including "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down."

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