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Rick Estrin and the Nightcats live to play the blues live. On their new album "You Asked For It...Live" they give an inspired performance in front of a pumped up hometown crowd performing highlights from their over thirty year career with wit, funky rhythms and a thoroughly modern version of the blues. 

Though known during their early years as Llittle Charlie & the Nightcats, Rck Estrin has always been the band’s lead singer, harmonica player and all round showman. He is a unique front man with his pencil thin mustache, hipster look, jive talking patter and a fearless delivery.  He won the Blues Foundation’s harmonica player of the year award last year and on the night the show was recorded it was his birthday.

Estrin has long been an songwriter that other blues artists look to for material and the playful, wry and insightful songs here aren’t throwbacks to another era, but modern day lyrics with rock fueled arrangements. 

Rick Estrin and the Nightcats are among the hardest working blues bands today and this new album shows why they are so in demand. Estrin says fans have always asked them after a show if they have a cd that most resembles the show they gave that night, he says "now I can tell them, this one right here."

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