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Spoon is an indie band who has reached the stage where it’s fans will always pine for some undefined coolness that they used to have. “They Want My Soul” is their eighth album, so there is plenty to compare it with, but taken on it’s own merits the album is one of the best rock and roll releases this year.

Their last album was indeed disappointing after the grit and bluster of 2007’s “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” Strangley enough it was their most commercially successful. So after taking four and a half years to record this one, Spoon seems, from the start, to be making up for it with choppy guitar riffs, pounding percussion and lead singer Britt Daneil’s voice sounding like it’s been put through a cheese grater.

Every track rocks with the exception of a dreamy techno ballad that takes advantage of their new keyboardist and a lot of studio trickery including a snap your head back percussion effect.

There is even a nod to their Beatlesque influences with a  cover of an Ann-Margret song that the Beatles covered in a rare BBC performance.

In 2014 rock and roll has become an endangered species with the splintering of it’s audience. So its great that Spoon can return with "They Want My Soul" and shrug off questions of whether they are still cool by playing pure, straight ahead guitar bass and drums rock. 

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