WHRO 4th Annual Community Impact Awards

How to Nominate

Thank you for your interest in the 5th Annual Community Impact Awards. Nominations are closed.

To nominate your unsung hero, please fill out and return the official 2013 Community Impact Awards nomination form. (Click Here for a PDF.)

Choose only one of the following categories:

  • Education: Honoring those who inspire a love of learning with innovative opportunities and productive environments that improve academic performances for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

  • Environment: Recognizing those whose vision and tireless efforts maintain and improve a healthy environment for all.

  • Health and Public Safety: Recognizing those whose efforts support a safe and healthy community through their dedication to protect the public and/or improve the health and well-being for those they serve.

  • Regionalism: Honoring those who exemplify a commitment to our region through cooperative or collaborative projects.

  • Social Justice: Honoring those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, courage and commitment to promoting social justice issues such as diversity, equity and human rights.

Along with the nomination form, please include up to two pages (double spaced) answering the following questions:

               - What makes the nominee’s work unique, innovative or otherwise worthy of recognition?
               - How has the community changed because of the nominee’s efforts?

Up to five pieces of substantiating material, including letters of support, may be included. DVDs, CDs, videos and other electronic materials should not be submitted and will not be considered as part of the nomination.

Deadline for nominations is 5 pm February 1, 2013.

Please mail, fax or e-mail the completed form to:

WHRO Community Impact Awards
5200 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23508
FAX: (757) 451-6848
Email: Laura.Payne@whro.org

All nomination forms will be reviewed by a panel of judges associated with WHRO and the Community Impact Awards committee. Winners will be notified after March 1, 2013.

Questions? Contact Laura Payne, WHRO Special Events Manager, at (757) 889.9419.

Thank you for your nomination(s), and we hope you can join us at the May 16, 2013, WHRO 5th Annual Community Impact Awards ceremony honoring our regions unsung heroes!